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Curriculum/Course Change Forms

Please submit all curriculum/course changes on one of the three forms below. After being approved through the College Curriculum Committee, an electronic and printed version of the  completed and signed forms go to Bonny Rayburn in the Associate Provost's Office for consideration before the University Curriculum Committee. Submit a printed version with all necessary signatures as well as any back up documentation. Also email an electronic copy of the form and any back up information in a single document for each form to [email protected] If you have questions about the form submission process, please contact Bonny Rayburn, or speak to the administrative assistant for your College/School.

Open the form, save it to your computer, and then complete it. 

(Mac users: You must fill out the form using . If you use any other software, the text in your form will not convert to PC.)

Board of Regents Curriculum Change Policy

Board of Regents 2017-2018 Meeting Schedule & USHE Deadlines

  (revised 9.18.2015)

R401 Complete Instructions (revised May 2016)

R401 - Full Template (revised 9.18.2015)

R401 - Full Template Instructions (revised 10.22.2015)

R401 - Abbreviated Template (revised 09.18.2015)

R401 - Abbreviated Template Instructions  (revised 10.22.2015)

R401 - Academic Program Change Template (for existing programs) (revised 09.18.2015)

R401 - New Administrative Unit Proposal Template  (revised 09.18.2015)

R401 - Administrative Unit Change Template (for existing units)  (revised 09.18.2015)

Please consult with the Associate Provost, James Sage, before submitting the R401 form.


Undergraduate Curriculum:

Graduate Curriculum: