Office of the Provost

List of Academic Programs

School of Business

Dean: Mary Pearson
Associate Dean: Dr. Kim Craft
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Accounting: Dr. Robin Boneck
  • Economics & Finance: Dr. Joshua Price
  • Management, Marketing & Hospitality: Greg Powell
  • Military Science: MAJ Michael Reinhardt
  • Master of Business Administration: Kenneth Hall (Director)
  • Master of Accountancy: Dr. David Christensen (Director)


Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education & Human Development

Dean: Dr. Shawn Christiansen
Associate Dean: Dr. Nichole Wangsgard
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Kinesiology & Outdoor Recreation: Dr. Camille Thomas
  • Teacher Education & Family Development: Dr. Bart Reynolds
  • Master of Athletic Training: Nathan Slaughter (Director)
  • Master of Sports Conditioning: Dr. Mark DeBeliso (Director)
  • Master of Education: Dr. James McCoy (Director)
  • Headstart: Thomas Morgan (Director)


College of Humanities & Social Science

Dean: Dr. Jean Boreen
Associate Dean: Dr. Grant Corser
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Communication: Dr. Art Challis
  • English: Dr. Jessica Tvordi
  • Languages & Philosophy: Dr. Jason Smith
  • History, Sociology & Anthropology: Dr. Emily Dean
  • Political Science & Criminal Justice: COL Kevan Jacobson
  • Psychology: Dr. Garrett Strosser
  • Master of Professional Communication: Dr. Matt Barton (Director)
  • Master of Public Administration: Dr. Angela Pool-Funai (Director)


School of Integrative & Engaged Learning

Dean: Dr. Patrick Clarke
Associate Dean: Jeb Branin
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Aviation Sciences: Dr. C. Skip Jones
  • Honors: Jayci Bash (Director)
  • Integrated & Engaged Studies: Dr. Cynthia Kimball-Davis
  • Master of Interdisciplinary Studies: Dr. Cynthia Kimball-Davis (Director)


Gerald R. Sherratt Library

Dean: Dr. Richard Saunders
Associate Dean: Dr. Matthew Nickerson

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Library: Caitlin Gerrity (Director)


College of Performing & Visual Arts

Dean: Shauna Mendini
Associate Dean: Dr. Keith Bradshaw
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Art & Design: Jeffrey Hanson
  • Music: Dr. Lawrence Johnson
  • Theatre Arts & Dance: Brian Swanson
  • Master of Fine Arts/Arts Administration: Rachel Parker (Director)
  • Master of Music Education: Dr. Thomas Herb (Director)
  • Master of Music Technology: Dr. Steven Meredith (Director)
  • Southern Utah Museum of Art: Jessica Farling (Director)
  • Center for Shakespeare Studies: Michael Bahr (Director)


Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering

Dean: Dr. Robert L. Eves
Associate Dean: Dr. Eric M. Freden
Annual Report

Department Chairs/Program Directors

  • Agriculture & Nutrition Science: Dr. Lee Wood
  • Biology: Dr. Fred Govedich
  • Computer Science & Information Systems: Dr. Nathan Barker
  • Engineering & Technology: Dr. Matthew Roberts
  • Mathematics: Dr. James Brandt
  • Nursing: Donna Lister
  • Physical Science: Dr. Mackay Steffensen
  • Master of Cyber Security & Information Assurance: Dr. Dezhi Wu (Director)