Tutoring Center

Deepen your understanding of course material. Practice problems and course concepts with the guidance of a peer tutor. Develop study and test-taking skills.

Our tutors are outstanding undergraduate students recommended by SUU faculty. They have received top grades in their courses and bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to learning.


Students in the tutoring center.

One-on-One Tutoring

Group Tutoring

$10/session (ongoing appts) FREE
Weekly 50-minute appointments.
Same tutor each week.
50-minute sessions.
Flexible attendance.
One-on-one tutoring is not available during summer terms. Groups will be formed as requested during summer terms.

Walk-In Tutoring Schedules

Walk-in tutoring is free. No appointments are necessary. Durations may vary. July term detailed schedule.

July 9 - Aug 8

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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