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The economics program provides students with high quality educational opportunities and excellent preparation for professional careers or graduate school.

Highly effective teaching—focused on student learning—is the hallmark of the program.

The faculty also strives to make meaningful intellectual contributions through academic research, articles for popular media, consulting, and conference presentations. As such, the faculty provide students with high quality instruction and research opportunities.

Courses consist of foundation theory courses and then build practical field courses to see exactly how to apply economic theory in a variety of settings. Courses offered include: Data Science, Public Economics, Ecometrics, Sports Economics, Gender Economics, and Behavioral Economics.


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Why Choose SUU for Economics Studies?

Economics is the study of choice. As such, you will receive a cutting edge curriculum on how individuals, businesses, and governments make choices. You will gain a technical skill set to quantitatively evaluate the consequences and outcomes of these choices. By understanding how choices are made and being able to evaluate these choices will prepare you for a wide variety of careers. 

Economics is also an exceptional major to prepare for graduate school, MBA or Law programs.

Did we mention the pay? Economics leads to some quality, high paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (), the 2017 Median Pay for an Economist was $102,490, that’s $49.27 per hour. In the next 8 years, there is expected to be a growth of 6% in the number of jobs hiring economists.

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Career Potential for Economics Graduates

Economics is an unusual major that is both liberal arts, since it’s a social science, and professional, since it’s a fundamental discipline for business.

Because it emphasizes the development of thinking and problem-solving skills, economics prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers and a changing environment.

Common fields of employment include general business, government, financial services, and consulting; recent graduates hold job titles such as manager, researcher or analyst.

Economics is also an exceptional major to prepare for MBA or Law programs.

Economics Studies


Advisors are available for undergraduate and graduate students, career coaching, and incoming students. 

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