Small Business Development Center

Best Business Idea Competition Winners

2017-2018 Winners

The results of the 12th Annual Best Business Idea Competition are in, and the winners have been determined! The event was sponsored by the SUU Small Business Development Center and School of Business, Southwest Technical College, Cedar City Chamber of Commerce, USTAR, Staheli West, TouchMD, and Hughes and Associates. Many imaginative and promising business ideas were submitted for judging. Nine finalists were chosen to present their business idea orally to the panel of judges. Based upon those presentations the winners were chosen.

2017 Best Business Idea Winners

And the Best Business Idea Competition winners are:

  • 1st Place — Evgenia Marushko (SUU student) — Interactive athlete recruiting app
  • 2nd Place — Spencer Crankshaw (SUU student) — Self-leveling sleeping pad
  • 3rd Place — Christopher Christiansen (SUU student) — Physician coordinated, location specific travel first aid kits
  • Honorable Mention — Isaac Askeroth — ClearSecure, provides powerful window security film to protect your home, office and vehicles
  • Honorable Mention — Scott Leavitt — Free centralized address directory service
2017 Opportunity Quest Competition Prize Winners

And the Zions Bank sponsored Opportunity Quest (student only) Competition winners are:

  • 1st Place — Evgenia Marushko (SUU student) — Interactive athlete recruiting app
  • 2nd Place — Spencer Crankshaw (SUU student) — Self-leveling sleeping pad
  • 3rd Place — Christopher Christiansen (SUU student) — Physician coordinated, location specific travel first aid kits
  • Honorable Mention — Andrew Dana (SUU student) — Buoyant swim pack

Past Winners

2016-2017 Winners

Best Business Winners 2016-17

  • 1st Place - Jaxon Haderlie & David Whitmore – Cedar Sports, LLC: an outdoor gear and rental shop offering skis, snowboards, winter apparel, rafts, paddle boards, climbing and camping equipment
  • 2nd Place - Andrew Dana (SUU student) – a device that travelers can use to rest while seated (alternative to neck pillows and similar products)
  • 3rd Place - Chris Christiansen (SUU student) – Patent-pending medical device
  • Honorable Mention - Terral Fox – Unshoes: launching a new line of moccasin-inspired shoes
  • Honorable Mention - Cassie McMahon & Petrice Rose – Refreshment & Co.: non-traditional full service catering company offering unique self-serve food stations

2015-2016 Winners

Best Business Winners 2014-2015

  • 1st Place - Chip Sanders & Malachi McAfee (SUU Student) - Fake-A-Shade - Cost effective plantation shutter product
  • 2nd Place - McKay & Janelle Thompson - Property Premiere - High quality virtual interactive 3D real estate tours
  • 3rd Place - Paydon Newman & Jordan Parker (SUU Students) - FitPit Products - PMX all natural supplement)
  • Honorable Mention - Chad Westwood & Karsten Reed - CKL - 3D home tours
  • Honorable Mention - Mackenzie Maness (SUU Student) - Strut Clothing - Clothing designed for different body types

2014-2015 Winners

Best Business Idea 2014-2015 Winners

  • 1st Place - Jim Durfee, Mike Barrick & Rob Barrick - SneekEZ - Quiet apparel and footwear for the outdoor enthusiast.
  • 2nd Place - David Westwood, Chad Westwood & Karsten Reed - Southern Utah Appraisal Management – Rural appraisal management services
  • 3rd Place - Fas Lebbie, Josh Dutson & Nick Jones (SUU Students) - Patented zip-top shoe (Swap Top)
  • Honorable Mention - Braden Yardley - Reglove Baseball – Glove repair services and custom-made wallets
  • Honorable Mention - Cameron Findlay, Ryan Sorensen, George Savage (SUU student) - Customizable door kicks for decoration and/or advertising.

2013-2014 Winners

Best Business Winners 2013-2014

  • 1st Place- Steven Walquist & Sterling Holmes - – Patented universal solar panel mount.
  • 2nd Place- Patrick Henrie & Dustin Gillies - – Street legal kits for UTV’s, ATV’s and side by sides.
  • 3rd Place- Kevin R. Wood - Ergonomically designed fishing rod grip/handle combo for maximum holding power.
  • Honorable Mention - Tunnel Garden– The solution for growing plants all year long. Easy, affordable, portable and durable.
  • Honorable Mention- Mark Ashby (SUU student), Matthew Edwards, Nathan Coats (SUU student), Benjamin Edwards (SUU student) - Pet Life Boxes – DIY casket and headstone kits for pets.

2012-2013 Winners

2012-2013 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - Melissa and Nathaniel LeBaron - - all purpose, easily moved anchor post.
  • 2nd Place - Eric Moses, Adam Riback - Good Game Consoles – innovative method for repairing computer and electronic devices.
  • 3rd Place - Benjamin Howe - of events maintained by curated community. Easily searched and displayed as a timeline.
  • Honorable Mention -Brian Cameron (SUU student), Colton Brockbank - Mayhem Entertainment – an exhilarating, once in a lifetime event experience that makes the guest the center of the show.
  • Honorable Mention - Mark Sherratt - H2No – locally manufactured cleaning products using patent pending technology will effectively replace hazardous and ineffective cleaning products.

2011-2012 Winners

2011-2012 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - Brian Cameron, Kaylon Pickett (SUU Students) - – uses video chat features to teach English to Asian countries.
  • 2nd Place (tied) - Terral Fox (SUU Student) - – minimal footwear.
  • 2nd Place (tied) - Emily Green, Maryann Naegle -Infant apparel line with attached/removable socks.
  • 3rd Place - Brady Willardson, Chris McCormick, Suzie Rowley, Chase Clark,Clyde Miller - Interactive website for authors with tools for creating and marketing e-books.
  • Honorable Mention - Landon Munk (SUU student), Taylor Ricks- Web-based network for commodity exchange purchasing, news, and information.
  • Honorable Mention - Kyle Pulsipher (SUU student), Kolby Pulsipher- Main Street Theater – discount movies, themed movies, live performances and events.

2010-2011 Winners

2010-2011 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - Dan Hermansen, Hyrum Mertlich (SUU Students) - New Prototype Wireless Headphones
  • 2nd Place - Melanie Johnson - for realtors
  • 3rd Place - Mark Miller - Customized music box movements
  • Honorable Mention - Benjamin Howe - Timeline application
  • Honorable Mention - Ellen Treanor - Youth Enjoy Success - Academic enrichment program

2009-2010 Winners

2009-2010 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - Andrew Davis & Seth Wiscomb - Device used to access vehicles via telephone
  • 2nd Place - Brian & Summer Tremelling - Emergency preparedness low fuel stove
  • 3rd Place - Brian Holmes & Heath Holmes - Headlight restoration
  • Honorable Mention - Mandy Wilcox & Julie Montoya - Application allowing users to set song tempo
  • Honorable Mention - Mike Crockett - Specialized QuickBooks import files

2008-2009 Winners

2008-2009 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - Marlon Stones and Brent Hasty - Alternative fuels development using algae
  • 2nd Place - Mark, Lenn, Piete& Steven Florence - Classroom instruction in renewable energy technology
  • 3rd Place - Craig Corry & Scott Albrecht - Trough heater for farmers
  • Honorable Mention - Leesa Ricci - International freelance news network
  • Honorable Mention - Elayna & Paul Wightman - Interactive calendars

2007-2008 Winners

2007-2008 Past Winners

  • 1st Place - David Grant - Device requiring a child to work to play video games
  • 2nd Place - Rachel Grant and Katie Pearson - Fiber optic technology for hair inserts
  • 3rd Place - Mike Ogden - Affordable/lightweight camping trailers
  • Honorable Mention - Tony Carlile - Farming commodity storage and distribution
  • Honorable Mention - Daniel Thompson - Antler hunting professional media and apparel

2006-2007 Winners

2006-2007 Past Winners

  • 1st Place- Chris Culp - Dump truck insert for the bed of pickup trucks
  • 2nd Place - Laura Clinger - Uniquely designed and functional handbags
  • 3rd Place - Christopher Empey - Diesel fuel alternative and processing
  • Honorable Mention - Andrew Walton - Patented water bottle cap design with vitamins
  • Honorable Mention - Gary Cohu - Hardware storage and organizer unit