Agriculture and Nutrition Science

Welcome to the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Science


Agricultural Science and Industries students gain a broad education in agriculture and an opportunity to emphasize their area of greatest interest through extensive hands-on and face-to-face educational opportunities at our 800-acre farm and 2800-acre ranch. The main areas of focus include agribusiness, plant science, animal science, range management, equine science, natural resources, horticulture, and pre-veterinary medicine. Students become qualified for a wide variety of agriculture industry based careers.


Recognizing the critical role of nutrition to all human endeavors, nutrition students combine their personal or professional interests with knowledge to provide sound, science-based principles, theories, and applications. The nutrition program prepares students for a number of nutrition related careers or entrance into a graduate program upon completion. Additionally, the program promotes wellness by offering courses to compliment a variety of other disciplines, especially those related to health and human services, and athletics.