Center for STEM Teaching & Learning

SUU Center for STEM Teaching & Learning

Bringing STEM to Southern Utah

Helping to Fill the STEM Pipeline through Engaged Learning

The current need for STEM professionals is well documented, both locally and nationally. However, despite that need, the pipeline of STEM graduates, to fill those jobs, has remained small. Attempting to help address this problem, the SUU Center for STEM Teaching and Learning was established in April of 2014. Since that time, we have worked relentlessly to bring quality student engagement, professional development, and college and career readiness to the K-12 community throughout Utah.

Student Engagement

Enlarging the STEM pipeline depends on keeping children interested in science, technology, engineering and math throughout their education. Declines in interest in late elementary school and again in middle school are being combatted through our student engagement programs.

Professional Development

If students are to remain interested in STEM, they have to have teachers who support that interest. By engaging teachers in hands-on STEM professional development, we can help them overcome their fears and insecurities, and then affect entire generations of children for good. We are leading efforts in the Elementary STEM Endorsement along with several other programs.

College & Career Readiness

Sometimes, all it takes to keep students interested in STEM, is showing them what their future could look like in a fun and rewarding career. By partnering with the Division of Workforce Services we are trying to help students see their employment potential.

Faculty member demonstrating a fire ball near his hand.