Master of Professional Communication (MAPC) - People in meeting

Master of Professional Communication (MAPC)

Communicating Success

's Master of Arts in Professional Communication is a program that places an emphasis on knowledge at the cutting edge of the discipline. Faculty with substantial professional experience are focused on student success and want to ensure that students are obtaining knowledge specific to areas of interest. Students have the ability to center focus within each class on what interests them most. This innovative approach allows students greater command over their education.

A degree in communication offers nearly unlimited opportunities in a wide range of careers, graduate studies, community service, and personal development areas. Employers rank the ability to communicate verbally with audiences inside and outside an organization as one of the most important candidate qualities. Students that graduate with a Masters in Professional Communication from have advanced knowledge and skills in communication for positions in advertising, business, nonprofit organizations, government, marketing, and public relations.

A Masters in Professional Communication provides graduates with:

  • Advanced applied research skills required for effectiveness in the communication industry
  • The development of strong writing skills and the ability to analyze and present data
  • Professional presentation skills to advance individuals in marketing, public relations, organizational communications, human relations, or other business functions.

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