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Bachelor in Business Management

The Leaders of Industry

's online, AACSB-accredited Bachelor in Business Management is designed to foster responsible and successful business managers. SAP recognition, international business experience, and local store partnerships allow students to personalize their education. Internships arranged by career coaches can give students real-world opportunities.

Business leaders shape the future of their communities. Hard-working individuals rely on these professionals to provide jobs, goods, and services for everyone’s benefit. This mutual exchange between leaders and their employees is the cornerstone of modern economics.

The benefits of a Bachelor in Business Management include:

  • 90% of SUU business graduates are employed in their career field within six months.
  • Many students go on to complete their MBA
  • The work in this program covers fundamentals for the MBA program
  • The median salary for business graduates is in the mid-five figures
  • SUU graduates work in businesses around the world

For those with international aspirations, SUU has partnered with more than 15 universities to provide study-abroad programs crafted to expand horizons. This is a program for the modern age. SUU also strives to provide working professionals with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Therefore, SUU has decided to offer this program entirely online.

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