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Prior Learning Assessment - photo of 3D structure and blueprints.

Live, Work, Get Credit

The Graduate & Online School is pleased to offer an opportunity to earn SUU credit based on your professional experiences. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a variable-credit course in which the student will create an e-portfolio to synthesize real world experience into college credit.

PLA can offer 1-15* credits are upper-division electives, helping students reach the required total for graduation. GOSC 3920 is a rigorous course, resulting in a deliverable that reflects both the value of your experience, and your understanding of how that experience connects to your educational pursuit.

Prior Learning Assessment is available to any admitted SUU student. One to fifteen credits toward your SUU bachelor’s degree is possible.**

Here’s How It Works (*new Spring 2018)

See Aimee Kaiser, the instructor/advisor, to be registered for GOSC 3920, a 1st session, 1-credit course. Total cost of the first credit is $279. During the first week of the course, you will submit a proposal to determine how many total credits you may earn from the course. The remainder of the course will consist of building and refining your e-portfolio. Once your proposal is approved, the cost of the additional credits is $49 per credit.

GOSC 3920 is a pass-fail course, and the amount of credit a student may earn is ultimately determined by the course instructor.

*Interested students should seek proper advising to determine the potential benefit of enrolling in PLA. Too many elective credits are neither beneficial nor necessary. Please seek advice from your Academic Advisor.

Please note: PLA credit is only granted for original work. Transferred PLA credit from other institutions cannot be repeated at SUU. Credit-bearing projects, such as EDGE, and certificates earned at SUU cannot be considered for additional PLA credits.

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