International Student & Scholar Services

Cedar City Community

Cedar City is a community of nearly 30,000 located in south western Utah. It is known for its friendly community and outdoor recreation opportunities. It is also home to , the largest employer in the county. To learn more about weather and history of Cedar City, visit:

Health Care

There are many options available in Cedar City for health care. Becoming familiar with these options will help students know where to go in case of an emergency.

This student-friendly Clinic treats both insured and uninsured members of the University and Cedar City community.

245 E 680 S
Cedar City, Utah 11111

  • Open Monday, Tuesday 8am-7pm; Wednesday through Friday 8am-5pm.
  • Accepts private Health Insurance Plans, Medicaid, CHIP, PCN, Medicare, and offers reduced fees for uninsured (based on family size and income)
    • Verification of income is required to qualify for reduced fees and may be shown by providing a copy of: Bank statements; a month of pay stubs from employer; a letter from employer or person supporting the individual with exact level of support outlined; 1040 tax forms or W-2s from previous tax year; unemployment check stub; or letter from Social Security, food stamp or other public assistance.
  • Services include: family health care, immunizations, prenatal care and delivery, infant and child health, cancer screening, adult health care, well and sick child care, women's health care, management of acute and chronic problems, counseling, and dental services.

The local Instacare is the best location for treating urgent, but non-life threatening conditions. Such conditions include: broken bones, cold and flu, cuts and abrasions, and much more. Visit their website for more information about what services are provided.

962 Sage Drive
(111) 865-3440

Trips to the Emergency Room (ER) should be left for life-threatening situations. Such situations include chest pain, uncontrolled bleeding, and difficulty in breathing. For a complete list of symptoms that require a visit to the ER, consult the information contained .

1303 North Main Street
(111) 868-5000


After arriving in Cedar City there are various options for in-town travel, including a public bus, and various taxi companies.

- This website covers the schedule and map for the public bus system in Cedar City.

Local Taxis - The best way to find taxi services in town is to do a web search to find local companies.

For students interested in traveling outside of Cedar City, there are transportation options that shuttle students to Salt Lake City, St George, and Las Vegas. Visit the websites linked below to learn more about schedules, costs, and locations.

For students with valid Utah Driver’s Licenses and a need for greater independence on the road, visit one of the local rental car agencies. Before signing any contract, make sure you understand all of the stated terms.

- Located in Cedar City’s Airport.

- There are multiple Enterprise locations in Cedar City. Use this website to find the location most convenient for you.

- Located in Cedar City’s Airport.

For students who are interested in the two wheel mode of travel, there are various options for purchasing a bicycle in town.

- Full service bike shop, from complete bikes to complete maintenance.

Bike Route - Full service bike shop, from complete bikes to complete maintenance.


Cedar is home to a variety of shopping options to help students purchase school supplies, clothing, and much more. For a listing of local shops, visit Cedar City’s website highlighting .

Religious Services


Utah is known internationally for the unique landscapes and outdoor activities found in its State and National Parks. Many of these parks attract international visitors throughout the year. Throughout the year, we will host trips and other events to help you make the most of these opportunities, for more information about these opportunities, visit our events webpage.

Various departments on SUU’s campus also sponsor activities and opportunities for students to meet new friends and to explore more of Utah.

SUUSA Events
SUUSA is SUU’s student organization in charge of representing the student voice. Their website includes a calendar of campus events and activities.

SUU PE Building
SUU’s PE Building is home to an Olympic size swimming pool, fitness center, indoor track, racquetball courts and much more. Visit their website for more information about their services.

For a description of recreation opportunities available within Cedar City, visit Cedar City’s Official Website.

This site contains detailed information about the recreation opportunities that are offered in the state of Utah.

Local Laws

Not only do laws differ from country-to-country, but they also differ from state-to-state within the United States. Knowing the local laws will greatly improve your time spent at SUU. Listed below are common laws that most every student will encounter during their time in Cedar City.

The information below is not intended to be legal advice. It is provided in order help students identify laws commonly affecting international students. For complete legal advice on any listed topic, students are encouraged to seek professional legal advice.

 - Purchasing and drinking alcohol is limited to persons above the age of 21. For more information about liquor laws in Utah, visit the link to the left.

 - International students holding a valid international driver’s license, or a license from a foreign country are allowed to continue using their license for 6 months after entering the United States. During this time, students should carry a print-out of their I-94 card showing their date of entry. During this 6 month period, students should seek to obtain a Utah driver’s license. For instructions on this process, visit: Obtaining A Utah Driver’s License

Renting an Apartment

Whether renting an on- or off-campus apartment, students will need to sign a contract with the landlord (apartment owner). This contract describes what is acceptable and what is not, and it will also determine how long a student will rent the apartment. 

In addition to signing a contract, students will also need to pay a deposit. This deposit ranges in amount, and is used to cover costs associated with any damage done to the apartment. This deposit is refundable, but to receive your funds, students will need to ensure their apartment is clean and free from damage at the end of the contract.

Before signing a contract, students should make sure they understand everything that the contract contains.