Betty McDonald Pre-Med Institute

What MPI Can do For You

Medical schools in the U.S. are highly competitive, requiring many hours of experience and a record of community service. MPI puts you on the path to getting it all done.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

To enter medical school, you will be expected to have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The higher your grades are, the better your chance of being accepted into a medical school will be. MPI is structured to help you achieve the highest success in your classes. We have personal tutors for every subject so you can receive the individualized study assistance you need.  Our Focused Language Acquisition classes give you a boost in English, improving your skills not only in the language, but also in the customs and culture of the U.S.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

The MCAT is one of the largest challenges pre-medical students will face. Students must pass this test with a score of at least 7 for each section. Higher scores increase your chance of being accepted to a medical school. The MCAT must be taken within 3 years of your application to medical school and may be taken more than once. MPI’s exclusive MCAT training is taught by specialized instructors who understand exactly what you will need to know when you take the test. Our tutors and mentors are here to work with you and answer any questions you may have along your path to the MCAT.                        

Volunteer Service:

We know you love to help others, but where do you start? MPI’s connections to the people and programs of the community make it easy to fulfill the 75-100 hours of volunteer work per year that most medical schools expect. The service opportunities you will participate in teach you compassion, problem solving and successful communication skills.


Pre-medical students must complete 3 different leadership positions of 3 months or more during their pre-medical years of study. MPI serves as your source for finding positions as a tutor, mentor, coach, teacher or leaders in campus clubs. As and MPI student, we will guide you in applying your talents and interests to influential positions of leadership.

Physician Shadowing

Shadowing is a highly emphasized part of the MPI curriculum. It allows students to observe and assist practicing physicians in their day to day activities while gaining a genuine appreciation of the expectations of the medical field. Through its network of medical professionals, MPI arranges student shadowing opportunities at <<number>> local clinics in Beaver, Saint George and Cedar City, to help students accomplish the 24 hours of physician shadowing with 3 different physicians per year required by most medical schools.


There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing research, even in English. MPI’s weekly research training meetings offer training, tips and interactions with other students who are at various levels on their own projects. The lofty goal of MPI is for each of its students to publish at least one research paper during their pre-medical years, a goal that exceeds the medical school standard of 50 hours of research during the pre-medical years with at least 25 hours completed before the fall semester of senior year. In addition, our visits to summer research programs and research conferences will help you become a capable and professional researcher

Patient Contact

Expect to complete 50 hours of patient contact annually during the premedical years. Working with patients in clinics, hospitals, assisted care facilities or on one of MPI’s international patient exposure trips allows you to come to know the people you will serve. It is your chance to prove to potential medical schools that you are comfortable working with patients and understand the demands of a medical profession. MPI’s students can expect to experience unique patient contact opportunities both locally in southern Utah and internationally through MPI’s trips to Panama, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico Ghana and the Dominican Republic.

MPI Exclusives

Yes, we prepare you for the requirements of medical school, but MPI’s goes beyond that. We want to prepare you for your future. Our programs and services give the additional benefit that international students need for maximum success.

Specialized Classes

MPI’s classes are not available anywhere else. From the Interpersonal/Leadership Training Class which teaches powerful interpersonal communication techniques, to our CCP Communication Seminar where real-life experiences are analyzed in a unique group environment, to the field-specific training of our Medical Knowledge Education class, MPI classes are aimed at the needs of international pre-medical students. Reading Comprehension/Verbal Reasoning class sets you up for a high score on the verbal reasoning portion of the MCAT, while helping you find the joy of reading – and understanding- in English.

And don’t forget our Focused Language Acquisition Class, your key to full immersion in the U.S. culture.

Family Support

MPI knows that your strongest support at school is your family, and we want to keep them involved. Each semester,  you and your Personal Growth Mentor meet with your parents via a video conference to discuss your progress, goals and difficulties. If adjustments need to be made to your personalized program, the people who know you best can help suggest techniques that work for you.

Living/Learning Community

Immerse yourself fully in your pre-medical education by living at the MPI Living/Learning Community. This specialized dormitory houses only MPI students, so you know that all your neighbors will have the same goals and focus as you. The Living/Learning Community is a powerful support group, organized by levels, where your successes are celebrated.

Life Management

Learn successful techniques for dealing with school while keeping yourself healthy. From stress management training to our weekly gym days to group celebrations, MPI helps you keep things in balance.


MPI mentors are here to help you with anything you need. Peer mentors know the material and the professors in your classes, because they have already the same courses. Your cultural and personal growth mentor is the Director of the institute himself, Jeonghoon (Johnny) Oh. As an immigrant to the U.S. fourteen years ago, Johnny learned to adapt to a new country and culture. As your mentor, Johnny knows how to help you do the same. For your work related questions, physician mentors can give you unique insight into the specific medical field of your choice.

Outdoor Engagement Trips

Explore the outdoors of Utah on organized day-long and overnight activities all year round. Join the general student body of SUU to practice your English and learn new skills while having fun. Activities include snowshoeing in the mountains, climbing the red-rock canyons of Utah, camping in the forests and rafting down the Colorado River.

Affiliation with Faculty (SUU)

MPI is connected to your professors and classes at SUU so we can help you achieve maximum success. Your university professors help your MPI instructors understand the strengths and weaknesses you display in class, so that we can focus on your needs with the most appropriate selection of tutors, mentors and study topics.

Cultural Immersion Trips

While international students can learn much about U.S. culture from classes and books, there are certain things that can only be gained through experience. While enrolled in MPI, you can expect to learn about the United States through visits to museums and historical monuments, horseback riding tours, hikes through our national parks and much more