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  • and NEW Student Information

For High School Seniors

  • : Overview of financial aid for college
  • : NCAA guide for student athletes
  • : College planning and financial aid information
  • : Complete and Free Application for Federal Student Aid Online
  • : Federal student financial assistance information
  • : Free scholarship search and unique grant information

For First Through Third Year High School Students

  • : Information about the ACT test, preparing for college and choosing a career
  • : Test taking tips for the SAT exam
  • : College planning and the SAT test
  • : Encouraging under-represented youth to pursue higher education
  • : Financial aid information for students with disabilities
  • : Tips on saving and managing money for college
  • : U.S. Department of Education information for students
  • : Educational and financial aid information

Scholarship Searches

  • : Financial assistance to attend tribal colleges
  • : Scholarship Information for Native American students
  • : Free scholarship information page
  • : Scholarship for students who attend UNCF colleges and universities
  • : Scholarship database
  • : Scholarship search and tips on careers, financial assistance and finding a college
  • : Searches the databases of more than 800,000 individual awards and $2.8 billion on scholarships
  • : Scholarships for Hispanic undergraduate students
  • : Search for scholarships by keyword or browse list
  • : Scholarship database

Tips for Online Scholarship Searches:

Many online financial assistance search services request information about you so they can find financial assistance programs for which you may be eligible. Some of these companies may send you information about other services that they provide, or they may sell your information to another company. Read the fine print carefully.

Be cautious of scholarship scams. Visit the for more information.
You should never pay for a scholarship search.  Be sure you use when applying for FAFSA.