Computer Science and Information Systems Programs at SUU

Computer Science & Information Systems Bachelor's Degree Program

Recommended for students who seek careers in the exciting and rapidly growing field of computing

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) provides rigorous accredited (ABET) programs that enable students to pursue graduate studies and/or careers in computer science and information systems. Graduates are in demand by companies both local and nationwide.

Available majors include:

  • Computer Science
  • Information systems

Faculty are dedicated to the success of students in and outside of the classroom, and have expertise in various areas of computer science and information systems. Curriculum is founded on providing students with engaged and experiential education, as well as opportunities to participate in undergraduate research.

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Why Choose SUU for Computer Science & Information Systems?

SUU’s Computer Science and Information Systems Department is an ABET accredited program, provides specialized labs for students to gain necessary hands-on training, and prepares students for graduate school and working in industry. The faculty all have professional work experience that enhances the curriculum and provides relevant education to students.

Analysis, Web Development, programmer, data, cyber security, and other jobs for Computer Science or Information Systems majors.

Computer Science & Information Systems Students

Computer Science Student Katrina Mehring

Amazon Teaches Computer Science Student First-Class Skills

An understanding of technology can open many doors. Katrina Mehring’s proficiency with technology opened a big door for her, as the computer science major from Pioche, Nevada, was able to secure an internship at Amazon. She helped the Alexa Skills Publishing team create a system that would allow developers to tailor Alexa’s skills to specific users.

Communication Student Madi Maynard

Computer Science Student Chosen to Attend Exclusive Cyber Security Camp

As president of SUU’s Cyber Defense Club, Landon Beach was one of two computer science students invited to represent the Thunderbirds in the exclusive Western Regional Cyber Camp put on by the U.S. Cyber Challenge in July 2017. Beach received training from industry professionals and SANS instructors and competed in a cyber security 'capture-the-flag' exercise.

Computer Science & Information Systems Faculty

Computer Science Faculty Cecily Heiner

Professor Cecily Heiner

Dr. Cecily Heiner is an assistant professor of computer science at . With research interests including intelligent tutoring, educational data mining, and computer science education, Heiner brings passion and expertise into her classrooms. She has trained students of all ages in computer science and has been involved with the SUU Center for STEM Teaching and Learning, leading the Tech Ambassadors program and launching the first ACM-W Chapter (Women in Computing club) at SUU.

Computer Science Faculty Rob Roberts

Professor Rob Robertson

Training young minds to battle the next wave of those with malicious intent, cyber security, Dr. Rob Robertson started in the field of information systems and quickly became entrenched in cyber security. He has now helped create and implement a master’s degree program in cyber security and information assurance.

Computer Science Faculty Shalini Kesar

Professor Shalini Kesar

Shalini Kesar has been in front of the classroom for over 15 years. Starting as a research assistant for Montfort University in the United Kingdom, she has taught at 5 universities across the world. Currently, she is an associate professor of information systems at and director of the interdisciplinary program. Her area of expertise includes electronic commerce and gender equality in computing.

Success Stories SUU to Everywhere

CSIS Alumni - Jay Kansagra

SUU to Data Engineer

Jay Kansagra grew up loving computers. While taking first year courses at , he soon found his passion: information systems. “The University provided me with relevant coursework to easily find internships, and they helped me prepare for the best ranked information systems graduate school,” said Jay. After studying at Carnegie Mellon University he was hired on as a data engineer at Wolverine Trading, the leading proprietary trading firm in Chicago.

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CSIS Alumni - Matthew Wilde

SUU to Amazon

The small class sizes in the Computer Science and Information Systems program allowed Matt Wilde to develop a personal relationship with his professors that greatly benefitted him throughout his education. Matt now works for Amazon as a cloud support engineer. His job includes working with the Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) portion of Amazon Web Services and helps customers have the best experience possible. Matt came to understand at SUU that lifelong learning is what is going to help him succeed outside of school.

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Master Program

Graphic of a man holding a tablet with a hologram

Master of Cyber Security & Information Assurance

With demand at an all-time high, 's Master of Cyber Security and Information Assurance meets the needs of the global industry. This program focuses on the design and management of systems tasked with defending networks from external threats, such as terrorism. Students will gain experience in counter intelligence, defense, homeland security, and law enforcement, thereby producing graduates with a multifaceted skill-set.

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