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Electronics Engineering Technology Bachelor's Degree Program

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’s Electronics Engineering Technology bachelor’s program prepares you to enter a field that is rich in career opportunities. For the past few years, 100 percent of our Electronics Engineering Technology graduates have had jobs in the field lined up before graduation. The SUU college degree is accredited by ABET, the respected international accrediting body for engineering and technology programs. The four-year Bachelor of Science degree offers a well-balanced combination of design, theory, and hands-on instruction that prepares students well for the challenges they will encounter on an electrical engineering job.

Classes are purposely kept small (10-15 students) so that instructors can work closely with each student. In addition to the hands-on experience students gain in the classes themselves, many students earn internship credit associated with part-time jobs held in the Electronics field while they are still students.

Excellent Electronics labs are one of the strengths of the Electronics Engineering Technology program on the campus in Cedar City. These labs are equipped with the latest electronics test equipment including a PCB routing machine.

By the time you complete the requirements for the Electronics Engineering Technology bachelor’s degree, you will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to begin an exciting career in this high-demand field.

Why Choose SUU for Electronics Engineering Studies?

  • Electronics Engineering Technology graduates at SUU enjoy 100 percent job placement in their field before graduation day.
  • Students in the SUU Electronics Engineering Technology program complete a capstone experience that requires them to contact a company and design and produce a project that the company would like to have completed. The capstone experience has led directly to a job offer in a number of cases.
  • SUU’s Electronics Engineering Technology students always participate in the National Skills USA competition where they always show well and occasionally have won first and second place.

Career and Salary Potential for Electronics Engineering Technology Graduates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the anticipated career growth for Electronics Engineers is 4 percent and the median annual salary is $89,630. This information, however, is not consistent with what graduates of the SUU Electronics Engineering Technology program have experienced. Every one of our graduates in recent years has found employment in the field before graduation, some earning starting salaries significantly above $100,000.

Campus Opportunities for Electronics Engineering Majors

  • Skills-USA Club

Electronics Engineering Technology Courses You May Take

Electronics – Explore the DC and AC operation of different transistors and diodes. Gain understanding of number systems, logic gates, memory, sequential digital circuits, and other related components necessary to the Electronics field.

Electric Circuits – Understand the techniques essential to circuit analysis.

Heat Transfer – Learn about conduction, radiation, and convection modes of heat transfer. Explore analytical and numerical solutions to practical challenges surrounding heat transfer.

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