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Engineering Technology: CAD/GIS Emphasis

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As an interdisciplinary program, the GIS Program serves a variety of departments, degrees and affiliated entities throughout the SUU campus and surrounding communities. Central to the interdisciplinary nature of this program is providing access to spatial technologies accompanied with knowledge, theory, and hands on experience in order to foster a diversity of geographic research. Our mission is to prepare individuals to integrate spatial technologies into their chosen field of study by providing a learning environment that fosters undergraduate research and motivates individuals to develop required abilities.


  • Personalized attention from faculty
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Hands-on learning
  • Interdisciplinary Career-driven curriculum
  • Students Internship work on real-world problem


Cartographic Designer, GIS Analyst I, II, III, GIS Program Analyst/Developer, Project Manager, GIS Coordinator, Database Administrator, Planning Decision Analyst, Image Photo Interpreter, Remote Sensing Technician, Field Data Collection/ GPS Specialist, Land Survey Design Technician


We have two state of the art mediated labs with high-end PCs. One lab contains 32 workstations with dual, flat screen monitors. A second lab contains 9 high end PCs with dual flat screen monitors. We have a 54” color scanner, 48” digitizing tablet, 42” wide format HP plotter. Two Data Servers and a single software server maintained in climate controlled data and power backup environment. In addition we maintain a GPS base station, and field equipment for GPS data collection, Garmin Legends, Trimble GeoII, Geo3 and pen based GeoXT, GeoXh, and Juno units.


  • Skills USA VICA
  • State, Federal, and Local Internships
  • UGIC (Utah Geographic Information Council)
  • ASPRS (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)

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