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English - Secondary Education

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Course offerings in Secondary Education and English prepare students for a rewarding career in education with classes in literature, grammar, critical theory, methods of teaching content and writing. Students will be provided with the tools necessary to improve the quality of teaching English in Secondary Schools. This mission is accomplished by giving students a “hands-on” experience in both the learning and teaching process. By developing and implementing student practices, and educational theory, this program will distinguish students as a valuable asset in any school district.


  • Introductory workshop for English majors planning to teach. Students are expected to read and discuss scholarship related to major pedagogical theories and to make practical applications to those theories.
  • Additional classes designed for the prospective teacher of English in the secondary school system and includes procedures for teaching adolescents.
  • Our faculty includes former public school teachers who provide general insights into the field of public education.
  • Access to additional teaching experiences provided by the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Writing conferences on the campus of SUU, and access to professionals currently employed in the field of public education.


Middle school or high school teacher of English Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing (including fiction, poetry, play-writing, and creative non-fiction).


  • A chance to work with outstanding faculty in both the English Department and the College of Education
  • Participation in the Fall Creative Writing/Creative Teaching Conference
  • Opportunities to give workshops for the Spring Creative Writing Conference and Contest for High School Students
  • Education experience through The Utah Shakespearean Festival
  • Opportunities to apply for tutoring positions in the departmental writing center and in a workshop class that supports composition courses


  • Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society
  • Kolob Canyon Review editorial staff
  • Service learning and community outreach
  • Public school student teaching

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