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Political Science Bachelor's Degree Program

Politics, government, law – many careers begin with Political Science

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The Political Science degree program at is all about breaking stereotypes and exploding the myths surrounding this academic field. There’s a common misconception that the primary reason to pursue a Political Science degree is so that you can enter politics. Certainly, that is one viable option for the Political Science major, but it is by no means the only – or even the primary – possibility.

When you major in Political Science at , you gain critical thinking, research, and communication skills that will serve you well in any government, nonprofit, or corporate position, or as a lawyer.

The SUU Political Science program looks closely at all three branches of government and teaches you how to grapple with regulations, understand bureaucracy, and succeed in heavily regulated environments. It is ideal preparation for law school or for entry into a Master of Public Administration program, but it also gives you skills to immediately enter the workplace after college serving in a wide variety of private sector and governmental settings.

As a Political Science major you will be a part of small classes taught by well-qualified professors who are lawyers, skilled international negotiators, and experienced nonprofit managers. Whatever career direction you plan to pursue with your Political Science degree, these professors will be valuable mentors and advisors to help you make the connections you need to take the next step toward your bright future.

Why Choose SUU for Political Science Studies?

  • SUU Political Science majors have many opportunities to complete internships. Previous students have interned in the state legislature and for members of Congress.
  • Each year the Political Science faculty offer a study abroad trip for students. Past groups have studied Comparative Government and Justice in Estonia, England, and Hungary; the Origins of Law in Greece; and Police and Court Systems in London and Paris.
  • The capstone project for Political Science majors at consists of researching a topic of great interest to the student and developing a lengthy paper exploring options and educated thought on the subject.

Career and Salary Potential for Political Science Graduates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates holding a Political Science major can anticipate the following career future through 2022:

Position Anticipated growth in field Median annual salary
Political Scientist (usually requires at least a master’s degree) 21 percent $102,000
Community Service Manager 21 percent $59,970
Lawyer (law school required) 10 percent $113,530

Campus Opportunities for Political Science Majors

  • Institute for Policy Analysis

Political Science Courses You May Take

  • Current Political Issues – Explore controversies in politics concerning moral, philosophical, and other issues.
  • Public Administration – Examine the dynamics of government.
  • Identity Politics  – Delve into the role culture, sexual orientation, race, and other identities play in politics.

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