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Well-trained engineers play an important role in our complex technological society, provide oversight to the development of everything from power and water systems to high rise office buildings and supersonic aircraft. While most engineering programs offer training in one of the classical disciplines such as mechanical, civil or electrical engineering, SUU’s engineering program combines a variety of engineering subjects to meet the growing demand for multidisciplinary engineers who can solve the complex problems within modern industry.


  • Only such engineering program in the state of Utah
  • Exceptionally high placement within top graduate programs and leading professional industries
  • Laptop computers available to active Engineering Club members


civil engineer, construction engineer, consulting engineer, design engineer, development engineer, electrical engineer, environmental engineer, fire protection engineer, human resources manager for an engineering firm, industrial engineer, management engineer, manufacturing engineer, material handling engineer, mechanical engineer, operations engineer, production and testing engineer, project engineer, sales engineer, systems engineer, teacher, urban planner


The Integrated Engineering Department is equipped with laboratories for hands-on experience in computers, fluids, electromechanics, materials and structures.

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