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is known throughout the state of Utah and beyond for the excellent preparation of pre-health students, specifically those seeking acceptance into health profession graduate schools. To prepare for a career as an optometrist, you must first a complete a  bachelor’s degree at that includes the prerequisite courses you need to pass the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) and be admitted to an optometry school. SUU faculty and advisors work closely with pre-health science students to design a bachelor’s degree program that aligns with the students career aspirations. The most common majors for pre-optometry students are chemistry, biology and nutrition.

In addition to a personalized education, SUU’s pre-optometry and other pre-health programs provide experiential learning opportunities to ensure that students are competitive for admission into their chosen optometry school. These opportunities include community service, job shadowing optometrists from throughout southern Utah, and participating in undergraduate research, which allows future optometrists to work closely with faculty mentors to conduct scientific research. With a personalized education plan and hands-on learning opportunities, SUU provides everything you need to prepare for optometry school. 

Why Choose SUU for Pre-Optometry Studies?

  • Many of SUU’s pre-optometry students choose to work with the Rural Health Scholars Program, which provides enhanced advising and unique opportunities for SUU’s pre-professional health students including internships, community service opportunities and cultural immersion trips. 
  • Pre-optometry students involved in the Rural Health Scholars Program have the opportunity to take various courses, including a seminar in medical Spanish, in which they learn Spanish medical terms and visit local Spanish-speaking areas and provide free eye exams. 
  • In 2014, 100% of those students who applied to optometry school were accepted into their school of choice. 

Career and Salary Potential for Pre-Optometry Graduates

Once completing a bachelor of science degree from , you will have all the necessary prerequisites to attend optometry school. In 2014, 100% of the SUU students who applied  to optometry graduate school have been accepted. After attending optometry school, you will be qualified to start a career in eye care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of optometrists is projected to grow 24% through 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Of course, optometrists must complete a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree program before becoming a practicing eye doctor. The average salary for optometrists is $97,820 per year. 

Campus Opportunities for Pre-Optometry Majors

Pre-Optometry Courses You May Take

  • General Biology--Learn the basic foundations of biochemistry, organization and function of cells and the transmission of genetic information.
  • College Physics--Explore topics in mechanics including vectors, motion, work, energy and thermodynamics.
  • Trigonometry--Learn about trigonometric functions, definitions, vectors, graphs, and how to solve trigonometric equations. 


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