Safety & Risk Management

Safety & Risk Management

Welcome to the Safety and Risk Management website. Our site is designed to be a resource for SUU faculty, staff, students and administrators. As part of the Facilities Management Division, our mission is to work closely with you and your department to identify, evaluate and manage risk in order to provide a safe environment for the campus community. We assist with the development of safety and risk programs which include environmental compliance, occupational safety and health, and property and liability insurance.

On this site, we provide links to additional information about commonly used forms (including Certificates of Insurance) and risk-related procedures and policy documents.

A Safety Mindset: Working Together to Create an Injury Free Campus A graph of the injuries and incident by type at SUU

While you may or may not have seen an injury lately in your department, you may be interested to know that between January 1 and June 30 of 2017, a total of 19 SUU employees were injured on the job. This number seems small but our biannual injury report shows us that on average, one employee gets hurt every 10 days!

Here at SUU we believe that an Injury Free Campus is an achievable, and the only acceptable, goal. An Injury Free Campus is accomplished when every SUU employee is empowered and accountable to stop any unsafe act or condition and implement the SUU safety program. 

Read more about our biannual injury report and safety tips on how to achieve an Injury Free Campus.