Centralized Scheduling

Office of Centralized Scheduling

The Office of Centralized Scheduling has been established to streamline the process of scheduling buildings and rooms on campus. In order to find the proper person to assist with your scheduling needs, please browse the following options and make the choice that best determines your needs.

Centralized Scheduling falls under the Division of Guest Services.

Please contact us at 111-865-8100 or [email protected]


Academic Scheduling

Academic scheduling will be done through the Registrar's Office. Academic purposes are defined as credit bearing courses, testing, finals, Convocations and student study groups.

Student Group - Sharwan Smith Center

Student groups wanting to schedule events in the Sharwan Smith Center will be scheduled through the Centralized Scheduling.


Lauri Garfield
Phone: 111.865.8100
Email: [email protected]
Office: HCC 103A (Sage Valley)

All Other Events

All other events are scheduled by calling the Centralized Scheduling Office at 111-865-8100 or through email at [email protected]. This includes all student events that are not going to be held in the Sharwan Smith Center.