Centralized Scheduling

Office of Centralized Scheduling

The Office of Centralized Scheduling has been established to streamline the process of scheduling buildings and rooms on campus.

Centralized Scheduling is part of the Division of Guest Services.

Centralized Scheduling is located in HCC 103A. Please contact us at 111-865-8149 or [email protected]. Contact Lauri Garfield at [email protected].


Depending on the type of event you wish to schedule, you'll need to follow one of the following processes:

Academic Scheduling

Academic scheduling is handled by the Registrar's Office. Academic scheduling includes scheduling for credit bearing courses, testing, finals, convocations, and student study groups.

Student Events

Student events should be scheduled through . If you have questions, contact the Student Involvement & Leadership Office.

All Other Events

All other events are scheduled directly with Centralized Scheduling. Please contact us at 111-865-8149 or [email protected]. For details about available facilities, review the Guest Services website.