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Concurrent Enrollment Information

For Students, Parents, Counselors, and Coordinators Concurrent Enrollment Information

All students interested in participating in Concurrent Enrollment (CE) will apply for admission and register for classes online, utilizing tools similar to a regular university student. This narrative is intended to assist students, parents, high school counselors, and coordinators in understanding the electronic enrollment process, and important information about Concurrent Enrollment.  Students will apply for admission following the guidelines on the Admissions website. Students are not able to register for classes until they have been admitted.  Registering for classes at the high school is not the same as getting admitted and registering for university credit.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to apply for admission and provide the required transcripts and ACT scores (if applicable) early to take advantage of registration at the earliest possible date. For fall semester, registration will open mid-April. For spring semester, registration opens mid-November. (Specific dates will be provided to counselors.) We highly encourage students to be registered for fall semester CE courses before they leave school for the summer. We highly encourage students to be registered for spring semester CE courses before they leave for Winter Break.

SUU Concurrent Enrollment Instructions

Applying to SUU Concurrent Enrollment

Admission Requirements

Students must be a student of record and be counted in the Average Daily Membership at their public education site, must submit a resident high school transcript, and be a Junior or Senior to participate in Concurrent Enrollment.  Students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 to be considered for admission to do Concurrent Enrollment.  Once admitted a student must maintain a minimum SUU GPA of 2.0 to remain in good standing and to be able to continue taking Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Admission Application

Students will complete an application online (please use instructions). Students will receive an email indicating the results of the evaluation.  If admitted, students will then be able to activate their portal and register for classes. 

Admission Fee

The one-time admission fee of $40 can be paid online while completing the admission process. When a CE student graduates from high school and applies to SUU as a degree-seeking student, the admission fee does not have to be paid a second time.


Students need to also request that the high school submit their transcript to SUU.  Only students registering for Math and English courses need to submit an ACT score as a part of the process. No ACT score is required to register for other CE classes.  If the student has taken the ACT and they would like the university to use the results to determine eligibility for taking an English or Math class, they will need to make sure that their ACT results appear on the transcript.

Prerequisite Requirements

You must notify the SUU Enrollment Services Office if you are meeting prerequisites for the English or Math courses with an Accuplacer test or high school courses.  Please call the registrar’s office at 111/111-7715 to make sure that your prerequisite information is on file and that you may proceed to register for these classes.

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Math 1010 – ACT Math score of 18 or SUU Accuplacer test or C or better in Algebra II for the prior year
  • Math 1050 – ACT Math score of 23 or SUU Accuplacer test or C or better in Pre-Calculus for the prior year
  • English 1010 – ACT English score of 17 or SUU Accuplacer test indicating eligible for English 1010
  • English 2010 – ACT English Score of 29, SUU Accuplacer indicating eligible for English 2010, or a C- or better in English 1010

Registering for Courses at SUU


The SUU K12 Programs Director will provide course reference numbers (CRNs) to each high school counselor or coordinator – they will not be posted on the website. After being admitted, CE students may register for CE courses using the SUU online registration system. Registration dates for Concurrent Enrollment students are the same as the university registration dates. Typically, there is one week after SUU starts classes for students to add and drop classes. It is important that all registration happens by the close of this window.

Students should only register for CE courses using the CRNs provided to their counselor. Please note that students who register for courses other than those provided will be assessed full tuition and fees for these courses. The student will also be held to all registration, refund, and grading policies associated with these regular university courses.

Per Credit Fee

The $5 per credit fee can be paid online while completing the registration process.

Online Classes

Online CE offerings are available to all CE students regardless of which high school they attend. Because these courses are offered centrally, students are competing for a limited number of class seats. Interested students should register early to take advantage of available seats. When an online class is offered, the CRN will be provided to all high school counselors at the same time, to ensure a fair opportunity for students to register for the class.

Online courses follow SUU semester dates for holidays and breaks. Course content is made available on the first day of the semester through the mySUU Portal. Students are responsible for acquiring any required textbooks and course materials.

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress at SUU

Maintaining Good Standing

Students are reminded that when they take courses at they are starting an official university transcript that is permanent. Students who fall below the 2.0 GPA will not be permitted to do Concurrent Enrollment courses, and may start off as a regular university student on probation. A low GPA can also affect the results of college applications at many universities.

Financial Aid Implications for CE Courses

Concurrent Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid. Please remember that when students take Concurrent Enrollment courses they are starting a university transcript. That transcript will be used to determine any financial aid decisions during their college career.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. In order to be eligible for financial aid, students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) each semester (including while taking CE courses in high school). The financial aid program includes not only loans but scholarships and grants also. The regulations require that a university look at two things:

  • PACE: 70% of credits attempted must be completed (for example if the student is taking 6 credits and he/she drops 3 credits and receives a “W” for that 3 credit course then the completed percentage is 50%). Anything under 70% means the student has not made Satisfactory Academic Progress and will not qualify for federal loans in college (and possibly some other types of loans, grants, and scholarships).
  • QUALITY: If a student’s college transcript has a G.P.A. lower than 2.0 they will also not be eligible for federal loans (and possibly some other types of loans, grants, and scholarships).

Although this information was provided to be helpful, a university financial aid counselor is the only one who can advise on these matters. It is very highly recommended that all students (even while in high school) meet with a university financial aid counselor to ensure that their university profile will lead them to the most opportunities for funding. It is very important that students who wish to withdraw from courses, withdraw by the university deadlines to avoid getting a “W” on their transcript.

Other General Information

  • In general, add/drop dates, refunds, withdrawal, unofficial withdrawal, etc., follow the current SUU policies and calendar. No refunds are made for admission fees.
  • CE students are not permitted to repeat a university course while in high school, nor are “incompletes” given to CE students.
  • CE courses are not available to students whose high school class has graduated.
  • Grades earned in CE courses become part of the student’s university transcript.
  • Policies pertaining to academic honesty and plagiarism apply to CE students.
  • Students and/or school districts are responsible for obtaining and bearing the cost of text books and other course materials.
  • CE courses typically fall within a general education category. However, not all general education courses satisfy specific requirements of a student’s chosen major. Students are encouraged to consult with an SUU academic adviser to make sure they are making the best decision for their respective goals.
  • Please note that students who register for courses other than those provided will be assessed full tuition and fees for these courses. The student will also be held to all registration, refund, and grading policies associated with these regular university courses.

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