Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Finance. The Budget and Finance Committee shall utilize controllers in an ex-officio (a nonvoting member) capacity. The major duties of this committee will be:

  1. Review and monitor all funding requests and make recommendations to the Student Senate.
  2. Approve or deny any funding requests under $200.
  3. Monitor all SUUSA budgets and accounts.
  4. Work together with any other committee or ad hoc-committee to support SUUSA.
SUUSA Constitution - Article VII, Section 2.C

Committee Membership

Name Title Email Address
D'Mia Lamar Vice President of Finance - Committee Chair [email protected]
Josh Osborne Finance Assistant [email protected]
Jacob Lyman BUS Senator [email protected]
Kirsten Mudrow EDU Senator [email protected]
Kolton Pierson Club Representative [email protected]
Miranda Reyes Student Athletics Senator [email protected]
Caleb Paulson Housing and Residence Life Representative [email protected]
Cassidy Mickelson SUUSA Controller [email protected]
Nathaniel Corry Club Controller [email protected]