Student Senate

The Student Senate is comprised of all Executive Council members, with the SUUSA President acting as Chair, along with six elected Academic Senators representing each college, two senators elected from upper and lower divisions respectively, and eight representives appointed from select interest groups on campus. The Senate is responsible for reviewing and either ratifying or rejecting bills proposed by the three standing committees, ratifying all SUUSA budgets presented each fall semester, and approving certain funding requests, along with various other responsibilities.

Senate Membership

Name Title Email Address
Executive Council
D'Mia Lamar SUUSA President [email protected]
Jon Baker Vice President of Clubs and Organizations - Committee Chair [email protected]
Caleb Paulson Vice President of Finance - Committee Chair [email protected]
Johnny Zillgitt Vice President of Academics [email protected]
  Chief of Staff (Ex Officio) [email protected]
Gwen Woods Student Programming Board President (Ex Officio) [email protected]
Academic Senators
Hector Sanchez BUS Senator [email protected]
Marcus Hastings HSS Senator [email protected]
Ashlee Sizemore CPVA Senator [email protected]
Brooke Smith EDU Senator [email protected]
Avery Malenius COSE Senator [email protected]
India Mack Graduate Senator [email protected]
Division Senators
Sunny Sims Upper Division Senator [email protected]
Porter Crofts Lower Division Senator [email protected]
Interest Group Representatives
Chloe Bradford Student Athletics Senator [email protected]
Lance Ririe Veterans Representative [email protected]
Kelly Dennis Non-traditional Representative [email protected]
Meshak Gaisoa Housing and Residence Life Representative [email protected]
Autumn Boren Diversity and Inclusion Representative [email protected]
Jonas Lungstrass International Representative [email protected]
Brandon Payne Greek Life Representative [email protected]
Ethan Blair Honors Representative