My SUU Voice

My SUU Voice

My SUU Voice is a platform for you, the student, to be heard by the university. The Student Association (SUUSA) carefully reads and analyzes each My SUU Voice submission. If prompted, a SUUSA officer will reach out to you about your concern and move forward with resolving the issue. SUUSA works with faculty and administration to give students a voice in university decisions. There are also three topic specific surveys on the homepage that we would love student feedback on. These are popular and controversial topics on campus and we want to hear you! So please, fill out a My SUU Voice and share your feedback

How to Use My SUU Voice

Select the Share your Feedback Button below to be directed to a short survey. Fill out your My SUU Voice and the appropriate demographics. If you wish to remain anonymous, don't fill out the name or email section and select "no" to meeting with a SUUSA officer. However, if you do wish to meet with an officer and move forward with your voice, fill out your name and email and select yes to meeting with an officer and we will reach out to you within 2 business days.

Share Your Feedback

SUUSA Opinion Surveys

Reusable Cups

Americans use 500 million straws every day and 8 million metric tons of plastic wind up in the ocean every year. SUUSA is looking for ways that we can make an impact on these number by changing our actions on campus.

We want to hear your thoughts about making reusable cups available for discounted drinks at on-campus dining options. If we get student support behind this initiative, we can hopefully make it a reality.

Campus Recreation

We want your feedback on Campus Recreation so we can make the best experience we can for all SUU students.